Womxn's Fire Dance

"I want to live in the twilight country of my wildish self,

a deer leaping into moons of light as if summoned,

seeking some reason to fall down closer to the earth."

-Reni Fulton

Move the Truth of You with Community

“Our sense of ourselves is anchored in a vital connection with our bodies” - Bessel van der Kolk

Everything moves! All of life, from the smallest atom to the largest Humpback whale, moves in rhythm with the Earth, and in attunement to its distinctive purpose and way of belonging. Movement is fundamental for all organisms to survive and thrive. Movement gives way for ever-deepening expressions of emotion, passion, experience, and identity. As a constant reminder of our wild and precious lives, movement can be sinuous, undulating, boundaried, vibrational, churning, soft, velvety, jagged, staccatoed, or gnarly. When we consciously allow the sensual animal of our body to move, the truth humming at the center of us is conveyed, honored, and given space to breathe us toward freedom and transformation.  


If you pay attention to the more-than-human world, no one dares tell Mountain Lion not to stretch her spine, not to yawn with her tongue fully exposed, or to stop luxuriating in the warmth she bathes in on a south-facing cliff. Nor does anyone tell Coyote to stop rolling in deer remains, or stop howling at the full moon as it makes its grand appearance from behind puffy clouds. Nor would anyone ever tell Humpback Whale to cease and desist from her leaps from the depths to feel her mammoth body crash against the surface of the sea.


When we’re young, and especially as we grow, we are told and taught not to move and express ourselves in ways that are natural and intuitive to our well-being. Senses become dulled, muscles and bones confined, and our longings that are fully alive within our bodies are constrained and often buried. As relational beings, we learn to conform so as to belong. To restrict and alter what we think, feel, dream, and desire. But what if the world is asking you to give up your previous ways of belonging? Your well-worn ways of moving through the world?

This Womxn’s Fire Dance is an invitation for remembrance. Remembering the instinctive and intuitive brilliance that resides within the skin, muscle, bones, and beating heart of your body. It is an invitation to deepen your connection to the sensual intelligence that is alive within the soft animal of your body.


Can you hear the beckoning call to move from the deepest truth dancing barefoot along the ground of your soul? What wondrous shifts could happen if you were to listen full-heartedly to the instinctive and intuitive nature of your body, and the way it longs to inhabit space and place? Have you felt a longing to move freely in community with other women? Would you like to rejoin the family of everything, of Mountain Lion, Coyote and Humpback Whale, by embodying the deepest truth of who you are?


Spend an evening on the land with us! Let yourself sink into an enriching community of womxn coming together to remember, through the body and movement, the truths, yearnings, and longings that pulse through every cell of one’s being.


We will gather together as the night descends around us, wrapping us within her cosmic womb. The evening will begin with dance, and will spiral like a web toward a Womxn’s Fire Council. Circling up around the fire, beckoned by the dance of the flames, we will listen to and from the depths of our bodies and hearts for the truth that wants to be shared. Truths that will weave us all deeper into community with each other. And should you feel called by the fire within you and outside of you, an offering of your previous way of belonging might be cast into the licking and hungry flames.

Upcoming Womxn's Fire Dance:

October 19, 2019 (Saturday)  4 - 8 p.m., Pagosa Springs, CO

Authentic Movement  .  Council  .  Conversation with the Land

Upcoming Womxn's Fire Dances

August 3, 2019 (Saturday)  I  5-9 p.m.  I  Pagosa Springs, CO

September 21, 2019 ( Saturday) I  5 - 9 p.m. I Pagosa Srings

October 19, 2019 (Saturday)  I  4-8 p.m. I  Pagosa Springs

(Optional Mask Making earlier in the day - Mask Making begins 10 a.m. and will have an additional fee)

Participation Fee $25 Per Person

Registration & Participation Fee

To register for an upcoming Womxn's Fire Dance please contact Amanda:, 978.609.7438 OR use the contact form below.

Participation Fee: $25 per particpant. If this fee is still inaccessible, please reach out to Amanda for reduced rates. We believe no one should be excluded from participating in this important and powerful work.

Mask Making  I  October 19  I  9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  I  $25 per person  I  All Welcome

Join us for a day of Mask Making followed by an evening of authentic movement, conversation with the land, and council. You will be invited to wear your mask during the Womxn's Fire Dance to more deeply embody a truth or old way of being with the land and each other. The art and ceremony of making masks spans traditions and cultures. From hiding one’s true nature to invoking ones deepest self, from embodying deities to shifting consciousness, masks have been crafted for millennia.

In this playshop, you will be crafting your own mask to either invoke a particular consciousness and embody threads of your deeper mythic story, OR to draw yourself into more conscious relationship with a mask you have been wearing that you don’t wish to wear anymore. A mask that you might, should the time feel right, offer to fire during the Fire Dance. You may participate in one or both - Mask Making $25, Womxn's Fire Dance $25

Coffee & tea will be provided in the morning with snacks. Please bring your own lunch and a snack. After the Fire Dance we will have food for all to partake in and feel nourished by. Please note that the Womxn's Fire Dance is for womxn, though anyone is welcome to join us for the Mask Making Portion!


To Register: Contact Amanda via phone or email - E: or Ph: 978.609.7438

What if the Earth wants you to step into a much larger and more vast way of embodiment?

When womxn gather on the land together to witness each other and listen from the fire within our hearts, magic is conjured and the world is changed.

MASK Ranch - The Land

MASK Ranch, an acronym containing the names of the four sisters who are the guardians of the land, is 450 acres of stunning ecology located in Pagosa Springs, CO (Southern Ute territories). Ponderosa pine stretch across much of the land before it descends down toward the San Juan river. Cottonwoods tower over a field pressed up along the bank, nourishing themselves from the river's cool water. As the river flows, its churning and tossing is held by cliff and canyon walls. Wildflowers make grand appearances, and wingeds from Raven to Oriole sing into the sky. This is the place and space that we will all be dancing with and held by.

ADDRESS & DIRECTIONS: 1591 Co Rd 119,  Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Co Rd 119 is also called Light Plant Road, and the entrance is at the spot in the road where there is a big bend. There will be a big sign out at the end of the drive. You will see three white shop buildings on the right, but you'll stay straight ahead - about a 1/2 mile past the ponds and around the corner to the little blue cabin. The gravel on the road is loose, so we ask that you keep your speed to 15 mph.



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