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  • process of being in-formed/de-formed/trans-formed

  • transcorporeal being-ness (to always be of and informed through our porous bodies)

  • always shapeshifting, reorganizing through landscapes of belonging/becoming/uncertainty

  • re-membrance as a pathway for hybridic embodiment and entangled emergence

  • **rewrite Temple of Remembrance???

Wound Alchemy

  • work with Feral Lunacy’s description

  • speak to the Earth being wounded and “whole”

Grief as Eco-Mystical Agent

  • grief as ecological experience

Transcorporeal Becoming

  • *Stacy Alaimo reference for transcorporeal'

  • notions of "sustainability" and "extinction"

  • a becoming-with life/being trans- and multi-species beings

Ancetral Liminalism

  • polyphyleticism - to be an ancestral convergence (to re-member ancestral threads, and feel their confluence in these times and the significance of that confluence)

Transgressive Boundary Crossing - Queering

  • confronting well-worn narratives

  • to think about the thoughts that are thinking thoughts

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