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Embodied Evolution

I once dreamed that my mother was a river dolphin, and woke to find that it was true. I love those wet rivulets of hair that root into the sea. Much like rivers, our bodies are often subject to manipulation and control.

The body is a place of politicization because of both its capacities as well as vulnerabilities. As a place of intersectional being, our bodies (as ever-changing terra-scapes) are capable of expressing our eco-plicitous and intra- & inter-ancestral natures. Sensualized and erotic, mundane to mystical states permeate our cellular knowing.

Though epigenetic inheritance (from trauma to inter-species connection) informs the revelatory shape of muscle and bone, our enfleshment also presents us with an emergent topography of becoming. Every aroma, every flavor, every feeling, every color within our visual field, every texture underfoot in-forms us.

In these times of eco- and paradigmatic- collapse, our somatic intelligence is ancestrally equipped to channel a feral kind of consciousness. An awareness that we are so much more than what we’ve been coerced, forced, or seduced into believing. And I don't mean belief as an abstracted thought, rather a somatic way of relationally entangling with the world.

I’m not making claims here of one thing being true, and another thing being untrue... or even good or bad, for that matter. I’m speaking of a dawning of hybridity - a way of moving with the world that invokes our trans-species brilliance. A hybridity that’s capable of inhabiting/learning to inhabit landscapes of uncertainty.

Passages of eco-mystical entanglement re-form us with mycelial precision, connecting us to wider narratives of possibility and breaking down petro-patterns that feed the soil of emergence.

Embodiment can be an act of (unintentional) rebellion and r/evolution because it diverges from socially prescripted regions of habituated and domesticated habitation that depend upon relational “agreements” that reinforce power dynamics. This also means saying yes to exciting and treacherous territory because our uninhibited bodies can elicit retaliation and condemnation.

I don’t know about you, but I still choose (discerningly) to shed the layers of current cultural normativities so that I can relish the feel of wind and water enveloping my body. From my vulva and my breasts to my navel and shoulder blades, I dream of a world where the monstrous compels a bio-mimicking involution.

Can’t you feel your body’s longing to be kissed by a billion droplets of rushing water? Don’t you want to cheek rub the moon?

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