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Ancestral Hybridity

I’m a hybrid at heart with polyphyletic poems etched into my bones. I prefer to dwell in the places of confluence, where multiplicitous truths form eddies that ask for our full-bodied participation. I don’t personally wish to be a “good” anything. Not ally or ancestor; not mother or friend; not guide or child... I prefer to practice compassionate honesty, fierce love, deep listening, rigorous humility, gentle curiosity, impassioned longing, and relentless wonder. I am an edge-dwelling, crossroads loving shapeshifter that’s aroused and enlivened by the places where personal knowings meet, dance, and collide. My own experiences point to all the ways I can never speak on behalf of earthen and cosmic Others (nor would I want to, nor do they need me to). Rather, I feel the ways my life endlessly articulates how I am moved BY their endless expressions (formed and formless). My life sings hymns of relational devotion to those who have come before, and all the possible shapes that will come long after my corporeal existence dwells in the guts of mycelium and mice. My own decomposed consciousness will live on in the cellular reconfiguration of an Earth shifting through cosmic seas of black toward other erotic, unknown shapes.

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