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Welcome to the virtual home of my adornments!

Adornments that bead themselves through my hands. Beading began as a pathway for ancestral remembrance and inter-generational connection, and slowly it grew into something tentacular and connective.


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Every earring is stitched bead by bead. Ranging in size and length, each pair of earrings has a life and soul of their own. When investing in a pair, there are several things that to consider:

  • Are your ears sensitive to weight? If so, the bigger the earring (naturally) the heavier the earring.

  • What colors call to you or bring you alive? You can choose a color pallet.

  • Do you want a replicated pattern or an emergent pattern? The replicated patterns cost less (as they take less time). Emergent patterns (what the unseen ones, ancestors, land, myself and more) bead into being without a pattern cost more because they take more time.

  • What is your budget for a pair of earrings? Earring price depends upon the size, length, pre-designed pattern or emergent pattern.

To place an order, email me at

An earring begins with the choosing (or divining) of a color pallet, listening for which colors wish to weave together. Then comes the pattern. All of my patterns are original and emergent (unless a person specifically asks for a replica of one of my previous patterns). This means I spend time listening and creating a pattern for each pair of earrings. And throughout this the earring is beaded into being. From the face of the earring to the strands (that also have their own pattern).  Earrings can take anywhere from 4 - 20 hours (sometimes longer) to complete depending on their size and pattern intricacy.


If you would like a particular size earring with an emergent pattern there is an additional fee which is determined by the size of the earring. depending on their size and pattern intricacy. Sizes are a combination of width (face) and length (strands). Below you'll find a gallery of previously beaded earrings - any of which can be replicated.

Gallery of beaded beauties

Beading Inspiration

Welcome to my the virtual home of the adornments that bead themselves through my hands. Beading began as a pathway for ancestral remembrance and inter-generational connection, and slowly it grew into something tentacular and connective.

When I'm beading, I feel myself participating in the emergence of patterns that will eventually adorn squishy earlobes. Patterns that are infused with the worlds on-goings. These beaded beauties do not and cannot sit still. The moment their hook slides through that fleshy hole, they begin to dance, sing, swish, and rattle about. A cacophony of beads knocking against one another. As if slipped in alongside the thread that gathers them together in colorful plays of art lives a whispered prayer from the regions of my stormy and canyoned soul.

My prayer is that they conjure even the smallest of disturbances within the souls of those they adorn. Disturbances that stir the depths of ones immense possibility that lives as a gift for the world inside the marrow and bone of their emergent earthen body. 

As if incantations of disturbance are woven through every stitch and every bead.

And when they hang from ones ears, those incantations are whispered all day long to them. Slowly slipping down into the heart, to the place where we yearn to be dislodged. Set loose like a feathered seed from a long-since-luminous flower that has already dropped its glorious petals to the ground of generativity. Carried by winds of change to other regions of entanglement where the soil has different minerals, and sun shards cut through thicker clouds. Where rainfall is invoked by different months, and curious paws pluck at the possibility of your nourishing delight.

These times are pulsing with disturbances. And I can't help but love (with respect and attentiveness) the bulging belly of such a pregnant time. For such times seem to be asking for vigil-ance - to remain awake and present in these sacred hours of love and loss. To tend these holy days with care and curiosity. To say yes to being disturbed as an act of devotion to our world.

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