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Personal Development & Embodied Transformation

Over 18 years of professional experience & drawing on a lifetime of experiential wisdom.

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My work is a convergence of:

  • Somatic experiencing & psychotherapy

  • Eco-depth psychology

  • Trauma-informed wound alchemy

  • Feminist psychology

  • Nature-based underworld guiding

  • Mythology & cosmology

  • De-colonial frames

  • Queer ecology

  • Earth-based wisdom

  • Ancestral liminalism & futurism

  • Animism

  • Contemplative traditions

  • Wisdom traditions

  • Cultural anthropology


  • dreamwork

  • grief tending

  • council

  • psycho-spiritual resourcing & healing

  • deep imagery journeys

  • embodied imagination

  • guided yoga

  • meditation mindfulness-based approaches

  • somatic experiencing & embodiment

  • shadow dancing

  • equine-informed experiential inquiry

  • place-based presencing & connection

  • co-created ceremony & ritual

  • expanded state deepening, drawing out, & integration

sessions are an invitational space for:

  • curiosity about your life, and the possibilities of your mysterious and mythic nature.

  • showing up as you are, in any season of your life.

  • fluid identity, and playing with embodied transformation.

  • exploring your co-creative process with the world.

  • welcoming the cycles of change.

  • relational healing - human and more-than.  

  • cultivating more response-ability for yourself and your webworks of belonging

  • allowing emotions, images, wounds, ancestral marks, shadow, dreams, and numinous experiences to work you into a profoundly new shape.

  • expanding your relationship with health, healing, and wellness.

  • strengthening your capacity to be with uncertainty and the unknown.

  • listening for what the Earth & Cosmos is asking of your precious life.


It is an invaluable experience, and provides you with the opportunity to really dive into the dynamic unfolding of your life. Personalized sessions will enable you to go deeper into the depths of what is unknown and what is revealing itself to you. It also allows me to track you more fully and with greater attention to the emerging story that carries your shape of becoming. Your  entangled way of belonging to the world.

Individual sessions vary in focus depending on the nature of the space you find yourself, and what is needed to continue being with what is ending and what is emerging. Together we will co-create ceremonial pathways of engagement that weave a container for this ongoing work of your own belonging and re-membering.



"I have been guided by Amanda Jade Fiorino for roughly a year. The impact on my personal unfolding has been profound. She is adept at the art of hearing and seeing to the essence of what her client is communicating both somatically & through dialogue & storytelling. She is uniquely skilled at synthesizing & mirroring the clients material in a way that is most delightful, evocative, & illuminating. A wisdom keeper far beyond her years, she has laid the most spacious field for me to explore realms where mythos and imaginal knowing entangles itself most potently with the soft animal body of human incarnation. No spiritual bypassing here. She is One that will meet you in the field beyond right & wrongdoing and there she awaits you on fertile ground to explore what Mystery ushers forth. She is muse & medicine for our time."


—  Priscilla Short, Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Psychedelic Integration

Through increased intimacy with yourself and ongoing curiosity for the living tapestry of your life, together we will:

  • deconstruct and reframe the well-worn narratives about yourself and the world.

  • cultivate and adapt skills that help you to track yourself and your inter- and intra-personal relationships.

  • court your dreams, longings, shadows, wounds, and numinous experiences.

  • further equip you with psycho-spiritual resources that enable resiliency and receptivity, and support your on-going healing journey.

  • connect you to inner wisdoms that invoke your agency.

  • explore embodiment rooted in sacred play, the deep imaginal, and eco-eroticism.

  • (re)connect you to place-based pathways of belonging.

  • co-create ceremonial practices and ritual.

  • discern and hone the gifts your life, ancestral lines, and relational webwork have bequeathed you.

Questions that Have No Right to Go Away:

Transformation is often accompanied (and sometimes incited by) questions that cause us to pause, and stir our imaginations. You might be wrestling with the kinds of questions that follow you around, refusing to go away. Questions whose yet-to-be-known answers could radically shift the nature of your life, and who you understand yourself to be.

Questions such as: "Who am I?", "What's my purpose in life?", "Where do I belong?", "What do I believe?", or "Why do I exist?" articulate rich lines of inquiry that are a part of the living conversation that is your life.

Or it may be that the questions you once asked are not the right questions for you, now. You might even find yourself wondering where to begin?!

We can begin together, right where you are!


"You matter because you are a mattering force in this world! Your emergent shape is a sacred contribution to a world that is both unraveling and being re-woven."

- Amanda Jade Fiorino


Work with Me
In Person or virtually

Scheduling & Fees

Personalized sessions are available in person, over the phone, or through Skype & Zoom. In an attempt to make this work more accessible and available, sessions are based off of sliding scale: 75 minute sessions $75 - $120, 90 minute sessions $90 - $150. If this spectrum is still inaccessible for you at this time, please always reach out and discuss other options with me. This work is important, and should be accessible for any and all who are ready and longing to dive in!

Connect with Me

You can reach me via email, as well as phone. When emailing me to schedule an appointment, please let me know a bit about what has drawn you to this work and what you're seeking in forms of support. If my work isn't the right fit for you, I can refer you to other practitioners who would be a better fit.


Tel: 978.609.7438


"What lights my soul afire is supporting others in listening for and following the constellating wisdoms that invoke their own deep, inner knownings. The wisdoms that beckon them across thresholds of immense transformation." - Amanda Jade Fiorino

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