Dream of the Earth


September 26 - September 29, 2020

"As dreams are the healing songs from the wilderness of our unconscious -- so wild animals, wild plants, wild landscapes are the healing dreams from the deep singing mind of the Earth.”
- Dale Pendell -

What if your dreams are dreaming you into being? What if they’re calling out to you, luring you, courting you toward a new way of being full of unimagined possibility? What if you are a most stunning and spectacular dream of the Earth? What if… what if the Earth is dreaming you into being at this particular time because your existence matters?

Dreams for millennia, spanning traditions and peoples, have been a doorway into the sacred terrain of our lives. They remind us that there are worlds within worlds whose depth and reach are seemingly infinite. Woven amidst the branches of the world tree like a spiders web, dreams ensnare our imagination. These emergent portals spun of imagery and archetype, myth and symbol, creature and kin, entangle us in a relational world full of life, death, initiation, transformation, healing, and revelation.

In this retreat, we will be apprenticing ourselves to the dreamtime, allowing the phantasmal webbing of the night world to spin us into new and unforeseen shapes. We will also be immersing ourselves within the relational field of horses, and rooting ourselves into the mountain valley of Chama, New Mexico - Ute Territories. We will let our relationship with the dreamtime, the land, the horses, and each other in-form and trans-form who we are, and who we have known ourselves to be. 

Over the course of three days we will be inviting ourselves, the horses, and the land to participate and co-create new ways of belonging to the world. Calling on various practices, this dreamwork immersion will create the necessary space for you to more fully embody those threads of your belonging that will find you in this relational tapestry of human, horse, land, and dreams.


This immersion will also help weave together on-going and newly emerging threads of experience that comprise the larger story of your life - the purpose of your mysterious existence. It will invite you to listen deeply, move wildly, and see more clearly what we are each being called to embody and be in the world.

This immersion & retreat is for those longing to deepen their conversation with the Earth, to show up more fully from a place of radical authenticity, and gather threads of the larger life-story seeking to be lived and embodied on behalf of the world. A story that arises out of the mythic ground of the Anima Mundi (soul of the world).

*Please note, there will be no riding during this immersion & retreat. All interactions with horse will be done on the ground and in the dreamtime.

September 26 - 29, 2020  I  Thursday evening - Sunday afternoon

Bed down beneath the stars with us. Listen to the whinny of the hoofed ones. Let the juniper whisper secrets to you. Invite the ravens to make mischief out of your wonder. Help us weave a new way of belonging to the world, and dream new ways of being with the world.

I want to live in the twilight country of my wildish self,
dwell there in the mysterious betweens of dark mountains,
in the deep caves scarred with sacred triangles.
I want to wander alone, elusive,
pulsing like breath or waves of light.
In my dreams I go there to chant with all my voices
dervish spin to natural rhythms,
feel whatever truths there are rise and swell under my feet,
the vibrations of a great beating heart.
I want to live in the twilight country of my wildish self,
a deer leaping into moons of light as if summoned,
seeking some reason to fall down closer to the earth.

- Reni Fulton -

Accommodations & Amenities


Bed down beneath the stars with us in the ranch's beautiful off-grid bell tents. Listen to the whinny of the hoofed ones. Let the juniper whisper secrets to you. Invite the ravens to make mischief out of your wonder. Help us weave and dream a new way of belonging to the world. *All tents will be shared.

Additional Amenities:  Ranch Outhouse & Outdoor Sun Showers


All breakfasts & lunches will be provided by the ranch. Dinners will be cooked by our community. As a fundamental part of tending to our collective gathering and dreaming, we believe cooking in community deepens our relationship to self, each other, and the land.


Trout Stalker Ranch - Chama, NM - Southern Ute Territories


We ask that all participants respond to our questionnaire. This helps give us a sense of what is calling you to this program, as well as deepening your own inner knowing of what's calling you to this necessary and rich work of belonging and transformation. We want to hear what is stirring you, moving you, keeping you up at night. We want to know about the longing that aches in your bones, and sings through every beat of your heart. Email Amanda to register: amanda@wildearthmedicine.com.


$250.00 Deposit needed to reserve your spot

$500.00 - $600 Total - sliding scale  (Payment plans available)

Space is limited! Due to the nature of this work, and the integrity of the group field, we only have space for 12 people.


I came away with an awakening I did not know that I needed. I knew it was going to be a weekend full of emotion and vulnerability for me, but what surprised me the most was the connection I felt with each person involved. Almost as if our hearts had brought us to this place at this time to be reminded of what we are made of. There were tears, laughter, sweat, dreams and stories that bonded us together in ways that normally take years to develop. Thank you for creating this experience. Thank you for guiding each of us through it, so that we could carry it home to continue to dream of the wild."

—  Marika Moffit, Dirtie Dog Photography



Brittany Leigh Wallace

Backcountry wrangler, CDT Ambassador, mother, mustang guardian, grow-hunt-gatherer, Maven of Trout Stalker Ranch, and lover of movement & dance - Brittany believes the wilderness holds space for us to re-employ slow living, and to reignite the flame of our primitive torch. She facilitates personal growth through experiential education.


Amanda Jade Fiorino

Amanda is the founder of Wild Earth Medicine, mother, somatic ecologist & educator, Mythic Medicine guide, and Interspecies & place-based inquiry guide. She is a mountain-dwelling agent of the feral feminine who conjures ways to help others re-member their purpose and place within this stunning and marvelous world.

“You are not a troubled guest on this earth,

you are not an accident amidst other accidents

you were invited from another and greater night

than the one from which you have just emerged.”

- David Whyte

We are living at a time where great shifts are occurring. A time where paradigms are unravelling, and new cultural pathways are emerging. The world, more than ever, longs for and is in need of your participation. 


The world is calling out to you. Can you hear it?