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Feral Mysticism

Mysticism is ancient, and continues to play an instrumental role in the forming and deforming of the world. Not restricted to the human realm of experience, mysticism invites all manner of life into expanded states of consciousness. States that widen awarenesses and shape living narratives that guide the evolution of our entangled existence. In it's deepest sense, mysticism is the devotional practice of listening. Listening to and with the pulsations and incantations of life, and the mystery beating within the vast stretches of the unknown. It's an embodied and receptive kind of listening that makes a person capable of being irrevocably changed by what is being listened to and for.


As an inter-dependent and co-creative affair, mystical practices, rituals, and ceremony conjure transformational experiences. Often associated with spiritual traditions that seek union with a disembodied god, feral mysticism is rooted in eco-mystical traditions. Traditions that recognize the inter- and trans-specied intelligence coursing through the living matter of the Earth and Cosmos. Intelligence that moves tentacularly from the distributed agency of creation. A transcorporeal and phylogenetic intelligence springing from an ever-fluxing web of interconnectivity. A web of bacterial, viral, fungal, floral, reptilian, mammalian, and aquatic agents that humanity has grown out of, and is made possible by.

Feral mysticism blurs the conceptual edges of domesticity and wildness, and honors the multi- and eco-plicitious nature of each person. Natures that are continuously in-formed and de-formed by a world whose socio-ecological places of belonging are dying, disappearing, adapting, and evolving. Confronting well-worn narratives stitched into the fabric of current cultural activisms, feral mysticism conspires with ancestral, ecological, and cosmic forces that render a person accessible to initiatory experiences. Experiences that support trans-formation through the altering of a person's shape and nature. A hybridic nature capable of dancing with increasing complexity, and equipped with curiosity and unforeseen ways of understanding the world and these times we are living.

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