Feral Lunacy:

Tending Pscyhospiritual Resiliency & Soul-Rooted Participation Amidst Collapse

with Amanda Fiorino & Sara McFarland

A virtual moon cycle gathering

Begins April 7 (Tuesday),  2020

We are living in uncertain times, where urgency compels our bodies to dance with the unknown. The quality and nature of our relationships with self and the world are being tested. Cascading collapse is shaking the hollowed out foundations of belonging fed to us by industrial culture. Fear, mistrust, frozen grief, and shock grip at the heart while the Earth sings to us of inter-dependence and -connectivity through the crumbling of ecosystems, and the disappearance of earthen kin. The collapse of the world as we know it has begun. Great changes are afoot, and such changes will not wait for our readiness.

But, it is not the end of Earth, life, or beauty. Still the spring is rising, and the more-than-human world is calling out for our participation as feral human creatures. You get to choose how you are going to participate! The question is are you willing to take Mystery’s upturned hand into your own, to embrace the wilderness of not knowing, to live your way into questions and set down your seeking of answers? Are you willing to dream impossibly amidst the collapse?

The world has been rolling out waves of great change. More is being asked of us in these uncertain and tempestuous times. Great transitions are afoot, and they will not wait for our readiness.

You have a choice. How will you respond?

"It was already late

enough, and a wild night…"

- Mary Oliver

Over the course of each moon cycle, we will have a particular theme that we will explore and deepen into. Our first moon cycle will begin April 7 (Tuesday), 2020. Your first call with us is free.

We will meet as a group 3 of 4 Tuesdays,  from 10-12 MST

The fourth week, you will meet with a small group to share stories with each other.

Recordings of the teachings each week will be posted on our closed Facebook Group. There you will also be able to interact with one another and ask questions for the next week’s video call.


$30-75 a month - sliding scale

If this is still too much for you to pay each month, please be in touch with us about options. We wish to make this accessible for all called into this cauldron


To register, please email us at:

Once you are registered, we will send you a Zoom invitation the day before we gather.

Questions that will guide this lunar community are:

  • How do we engage these uncertain times differently?

  • How can we each participate in a new storying of the world?

  • How do we metabolize fear so as to remain rooted and engaged with the immensity of change?

  • How do we change our consciousness from that which created the ills of our time, and has been shaped by it, to something life-affirming and death-honoring?

  • How can we engage our wounds as holy, and from them channel our unique gifts for this world?

  • What does it mean for each of us to live a soul-rooted life?

  • How does our soul-rooted participation affect the quality and nature of our relationships?

  • How can we enable our grief to become lamentational portals of transformation, and expressions of our deep and profound love for this world?

  • How can the agony of our love for this world propel us toward not-yet-imagined possibilities?

A Taste of the Topics to be Engaged

  • Myths & Remythologizing Our Times

  • Resource building and Trauma Model

  • Emotional Buoyancy and Grief Tending - Keening the End Times

  • Cultivating a Personal Relationship with Mystery

  • Conversation with the More-than-Human World in your home place

  • Shadow Work- Dancing with the Virus

  • Midwifing the Death of the Current Paradigm

  • Feral Moon Alchemy

Co-conspired Dreaming of Impossible Dreams

Together we can midwife the Overculture toward its death, sit in hospice with these End Times, and sip the sweet nectar of agency and fierce vulnerability through the cultivation of our psycho-spiritual resiliency. Together we can deepen into our medicine, participate in a soul-rooted way, and assist the Earth in its transformation.

Gathering in Community
Particularly in these times, we need to come together as a community and invoke a larger field of consciousness - to be transformed, inspired, de-formed, and informed by one another. To be held within the collective that is infused by the Mother’s embrace, and nourished by the Heartfires of Earth. To invoke the Feral Feminine and see with fierce compassion and tender clarity what needs to die and be offered as compost from our individual and collective ways of being in and with the world.

Are you ready to do the hard work that is necessary for these times? Because every one of us is being asked to show up, and help usher in a new paradigm.

It is so, and because it it so you have a choice.


How will you respond?

Meet the Guides


Sara McFarland

Born in the watershed of the Connecticut River, along the shores of Long Island Sound, Sara McFarland is firstly a member of the Earth Community. She bridges the distance between the ancient practices of being embedded in the conversation of the wild Earth and the creation of a future paradigm of human culture, which embodies the Dream of the Earth for us all. She is a Wilderness Guide, Deep Time Ceremonialist and Earth Witch, who helps especially women and Highly Sensitive individuals heal the trauma of civilization on the path of Wholeness and Soul Initiation by Mystery. Sara works with individuals who long to take their place in the Golden Web of Life, bringing all of their gifts, powers and abilities to the people, in service to Earth. In her practice, she utilizes elements of energy medicine and shamanic techniques, sound and voice healing, dream work, herbal spirit medicine, and her vision of the 4 feminine Archetypes of the Labyrinth Path. In semi-wild and wild places, she guides Programs and Vision Quests to assist humans to re-member themselves into the body of the Earth Community.


Amanda Fiorino

Forged by ocean storms, rolling tides, dense forests, elusive wolves, wailing whales, fire-bellowing dragons, and cunning cougars, Amanda feels herself as a feral, trans-species creature born from a chthonic womb. Awake to the living and embodied presence of her ancestors, she continues to listen to and is guided by her Greek, Macedonian, Passamaquoddy (Peskotomuhkati), Sicilian and Celtic bloodlines. As a Mythic Medicine guide, agent of the Feral Feminine, writer and poetess, mother, and mountain dweller, she supports people in cultivating soul-rooted pathways of participation & psychospiritual resiliency and resourcing.


She believes these urgent, unpredictable, and exciting times are calling each of us to participate in a co-dreaming of impossible feats, as well as a co-conspired dismantling of patriarchal, industrial, and colonizing structures. As a guide, she supports others along their spiraling journey of remembrance and healing, helping to track and gather the sacred images, dreams, visions, bits of shadow, shards of wound, and numinous encounters that emerge from the relational web of ones belonging. A belonging that carries the seed of a new consciousness capable of birthing and midwifing a new paradigm for the world.