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Equine-Informed Experiential Inquiry

Inter-species relating is crucial for human development, and has played a role in our evolution since the first humans walked the Earth. We not only learn from other species, our way of being in the world is shaped, shifted, and changed by other species and their ways of being in the world. As we consciously grow out of the places and spaces we live, our very muscles, bones, blood, breath and imagination are infused with the essence, energy, and soul of all beings that grow out of such places, as well. From plants to insects, soil to fungi, four-leggeds to wingeds, scaled to furred, we humans are constantly being in-formed by our relationship with the ecologies we co-inhabit.

One particular four-legged has intimately participated in our evolution and emergence for some time: horse. For thousands of years, horses have accompanied humans within a vast spectrum of experience. Much of their role within the horse-human relationship has been mechanistic, utilitarian, pastoral, and recreational. More recently, horses have been called upon to fill a therapeutic role where their task is to heal humans. Whichever role they find themselves in, there is always a human-centered focus.

Equine-Informed Experiential Inquiry offers something much different. Those who participate in these sessions are given a chance to really be with these beings in a way that encourages reciprocal agency. Rather than horse fixing, healing, or carrying you, you are invited to inhabit more fully the shared space where the "ing'ing" (of relating) occurs, and inevitably in-forms (and sometimes de-forms) who you have thought or known yourself to be. Just as you are invited to share the truth of your life, so too is horse invited to stand, move, roll, and whinny their own truth as it arises out of the mutually shared space of relating.

Relating with Horse

There is genius, fragility, and power to the great web of relationship. We come to know our place and purpose in the world because of the threads of connection that weave our distinctive and interdependent lives together. Much like bees and orcas, horses live their lives within a herd - a dynamic and fluid collective. Rather than a hierarchical means of relating, horses effortlessly embody distributed intelligence. Their responsibilities and roles are fluid, and they rely upon congruence amongst all herd members in order to thrive and survive. All members of a herd matter!

By partnering with horses, we are given space to feel into their particular field of relating. A field that insists upon transparency, intent, congruence, and radical honesty.You are asked to show up fully and wholeheartedly when in relationship with horse, and are quickly made aware of when you do not. Horses, without trying, mirror what is hidden, avoided, or lurking in the shadows with precision and grace. As highly sensitive beings, their own survival depends upon their refined capacity to sense and see what otherwise might be missed.

What Sessions Look Like

Sessions vary in focus depending on what you bring to the conversation, as well as what horse brings. Areas of focus include somatic experiencing & inquiry, embodiment, emotional fluency & congruence, grief and loss, trauma & wounding, shadow & projection, death & dying, psychospiritual resourcing, dreams, ceremony & ritual, and the longing that has gripped you and will not let you go.

You are asked to show up as you are, and be willing to dance within the interconnecting spheres of relationship. No special equipment is required, nor will it be necessary. Though a pair of shoes you don't mind getting dirty can be helpful! No prior experience with horses is necessary.

** Equine-Informed Experiential Inquiry sessions are on the ground, and involve no riding.

Scheduling & Fees

Equine-Informed Experiential Inquiry sessions are only available in person (Pagosa Springs, CO). In an attempt to make this work more accessible and available, sessions (90 min sessions) are based off of sliding scale: $120- $160. If this spectrum is still inaccessible for you at this time, please always reach out and discuss other options with me. This work is very important, and should be accessible for any and all who are ready and longing to dive in!

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