"Much like the rivers that pour into the sea, the grief cry and love from Mothers of the Earth pour through fissures in my soul, and suffuse and charge the holy oceanic waters spilling from the crack in my heart."  Amanda Jade Fiorino

Council of Mothers: A Virtual Community

An Ongoing and Ever-Growing Virtual Global Community

“Without a mother, one cannot live…without a mother, one cannot die.”

Herman Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund

Mothers, mitéres tis gis, ewikuwossicik

I am calling out to each of you from the churning and rich ground of my innermost being. My feet are settling deep into the shoreline of possibility, as my gaze stretches out before me and along the periphery. I can hear the aching cry and fierce passion from mothers of the deep, mothers of the land, and mothers of the sky. My heart, cracked open like a rock face where spring waters bubble forth, waits for those passing by in need of Gaian libation. Much like the rivers that pour into the sea, the grief cry and love from Mothers of the Earth pour through fissures in my soul, and suffuse and charge the holy oceanic waters spilling from the crack in my heart. 


We are living in urgent and unpredictable times, at a pivotal moment where the future of generations to come is more uncertain than ever. As creatures born from and belonging to the blue-green pearl that is our Gaian Mother, we are experiencing ecological and paradigmatic collapse.


The body of our shared earthen Mother is speaking. Can you hear it in the rumbling and quaking, the storming and burning, the drought and flooding? Have you seen it in Orca pressing her dead babe up above the surface of the ocean for several weeks for all the world to see? Have you read it in stories such as the Rohingya mothers who watched their children being murdered, and then suffered rape, themselves? What of the Mothers of color who fear for their children's lives because of systemic violence and racism? Or the First Nations womxn murdered and missing? And from such grief and love, have you also witnessed the fierce response that dwells in movements like Extinction Rebellion, or the powerful voices of Native youth activists such as Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Autumn Peltier?

Can you feel the tingling swell within you, now? Can you sense the ancient power coursing beneath your feet and rising into the bowl of you hips, snaking its way up through your spine, piercing your heart, waiting to be unleashed from your lips? 

I am calling out to each of you to join me in this Council of Mothers, Mitéres tis gis, Ewikuwossicik

I am calling out to each of you, now, to join me for an ongoing Council of Mothers. A sacred space where we may listen with our hearts and soft, animal bodies to the many voices of the Earth expressed and alive within each of us. Voices that dwell within the dark cave of re-membrance where seeds of new life and vision wait to be unleashed. 

"There are mothers for everything,

and the sea is a mother too,

whispering and whispering to us

long after we have stopped listening."

-Allison Luterman

Chambered in the marrow of our bones, flowing through the rivers of our blood, pulsing through the staccatoed and sharp cry of our grief, and imbibed in the hot and tempestuous radiation of our love, exists a holy thread of participation; a contribution - con (with) and tribute (gift). Our participation as gift for the world is in-formed and infused by our sacred role as Mother.


Our relationship to these times, and our understanding of what is at stake carries a particular note within the orchestra of this Great Unraveling and Great Turning. 


What can happen when Mothers gather, braiding the many voices of the Earth together, strengthening the presence and articulation of this note? Would you like to find out with me? Imagine if the springs flowing from each of our hearts joined! Hearts continuously cracked open by the truths, atrocities, and wonders of our time. A river of great magnitude would form, and together we could assist in the hearts of the world being swept up and carried back to a vast sea of awakening and remembering.

 "Meanwhile I bend my heart toward lamentation

Where, as the times implore our true involvement, The blades of every crisis point the way."

Mary Oliver

There is an r-evolution of Motherhood happening.


With very few elders and true adults, the Mother Trails that one might have followed do not currently exist. Mothers, at this time, are treading new paths - new and never-before-seen ways of tending, nurturing, and nourishing, as well as resurrecting ancestral knowledge that would support us in the birthing of something new.

If you are interested in being a part of this virtual council, please fill out the form to the right, or email me directly at amanda@wildearthmedicine.com. This is a sacred and holy container with a particular focus for Mothers to be a part of.

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This is a council of Mothers, coming together on behalf of our Great Mother, the Earth.

This Council of Mothers is a space for all of us to come together to express our deepest grief, joy, ecstasy, dreams, visions, hopes, and fears. It is a place to be seen and heard. A place where each of us, through our own readiness and willingness, can stretch beyond our own edges, and take the kinds of risks that invite and initiate us into our power and medicine for the world. And perhaps out of such a potent cauldron, not only will we brew medicine for the world, we might also tread new trails for future mothers to follow. 

This is a council for those who identify as a Mother in the world, and is not gender-specific, biologically-dependent, or age-dependent. The threads of commonality, difference, and variance that we will each bring are necessary in the

r-evolution of Mother.

"One creates not to maintain the status quo, but to truly see beyond this time and this world, and then to unleash fresh vision."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

This council will be woven together with questions, such as: 

  • What does it mean to be Mother in these times? 

  • How is the shaping of oneself in-formed by being mother, and how does the shape of oneself in-form mother?

  • How, in being Mother, do we understand what’s happening to the Earth in a particular way?

  • In what way do mothers have a particular role to play in the Great Unraveling and the Great Turning?

  • From our threads of commonality, differences, and variances - depending on gender, religion, race, geographical location, and more. - what can we learn from each other by being in relationship with each other? Hearing each others stories. Being curious about each others experiences. Encouraging each others dreams by being present and bearing witness. 

  • How does being mother in-form, de-form, and trans-form our sacred work in the world?

  • What does being Mother and listening to the voice of our Earthen Mother call forth from within us?

"That is why we have thirst. It is why when we love we remember our lives in water. That other lives fall through us."

- Linda Hogan

When, Where & How

In order to have enough time and space for all Mothers to participate and share in these virtual Council of Mothers (CM), there are multiple councils held every month. Each council seeks to maintain the same members so that more depth can be invoked, threads can be tracked, and relationships of trust can be built.

Depending on each CM group, there will be the invitation to gather in person once a year should the group feel called into such a cauldron and members are able to.

**If you have a group of Mothers that long for this conversation, and you would like to start your own group please contact me via email or phone:

E:  amanda@wildearthmedicine.com

P:  978.609.7438

  • Each council is 2 hours long

  • Calls will be run through Zoom (this does not require an account with Zoom)

  • Our CM group participates in an e-mail council in between video group calls to help keep us in conversation with each other, and continue to deepen each of us with what is stirring in the personal and transpersonal fields.

  • CM group will receive musings, stirrings, and invitations before each gathering.

  • Please contact Amanda to join this amazing community of Mothers, or if you have any questions about participation.

  • There is no fee required to participate in these councils. A suggested donation of $10 is appreciated.

May this council be a place of gestation. And may we each be midwives to each other as birth pains arrive, and generative forces within us are ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Mater. Matter. Mother

Mother in the largest archetypal, ecological, and energetic sense is the force behind visioning, dreaming, creating, and manifesting. Mother as a creative force within all of life is sacred and holy. Bound to no particular gender or species, Mother calls forth from the womb yet-to-be possibilities and wonders. And, just as Mother brings about a birth of the new and never-before-seen, Mother also participates in the death and dying of what-has-been, as well as an honoring of what-once-was. Mother is the invisible stitching that has held the world together, thus far. There is a mother for everything. For the sky, the stars, the soil, the rivers, and the mountains. There is a mother within every being ready and willing for all the moments where patience, ferocity, grief, and love are being invoked. To mother is to re-member a deep thread of who we are - that we belong here, on this land in this place, with our great Mother, the Earth.


Mothering challenges illusions of control and power-over, invoking a relational way of being that thrives on collaboration and power-to-and-with. Mothering instills within the courageous and slightly insane an ability to create space and allow for what might otherwise be restricted, muted, diminished, or oppressed. Whether biological or imaginal-energetic, the womb within each of us is the boundaried space that allows for the dreaming of form and shape. It is the place where our dreams, visions, and mythic gifts gestate. 

Gestation is the stretch of time something takes to grow into tender fullness. And even as something is birthed, it still needs love, care, dedication, and the right kind of safeguarding. A safeguarding that understands and discerns the initiatory spaces that will both wound and strengthen. To allow a gradual stretching open of one’s arms, where what has been birthed begins to emerge and move farther and farther beyond the reach of one’s fingers, but never one’s heart. New webbing is spun. Impossible dreams are invoked. And the rising swell of a new tide begins to alter the shape of the shore.

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