Sacred Circle - Medicine of the Collective

The Sacred Circle

The circle has been a symbol of interconnectivity for thousands of years. It represents the Great Web of Life where all beings are one large family. From Indra's net to the yin-yang symbol of Daoism, the teaching of the circle springs from the idea that all of life is interdependent and co-creative. Coexisting within the mysteries of the Cosmos, the circle also represents the cyclic nature of existence as experienced in the rhythms of the Earth: birth, death, and rebirth.

Renewal can be found in the geometric line of this shape from the uroboros (serpent biting its tale) to the Zen ensō (hand drawn circle). To come full circle is to find one's way back to the very beginning - a beginning that is also an ending. All  mysteries are held within the circle, just as the mystery of life is held within the womb. From the circle, profound relating occurs as the wisdom of the collective is invoked.

Sacred Circle is a ceremonial space of relational entanglement within which we are both re-membering and being re-membered. Remembering our place and co-participation within the great web of life. Remembering what it means to be present, once more, from the deepest place inside of ourselves. Remembering the larger story that is our life, and from that life the mythic medicine we can gift the world.

The Art of Council

To sit in a sacred circle is to participate in the ancient practice of council. The practice of council can be found across the world. Spanning different cultures and times, this practice varies depending on the intent of a people with one particular common thread: the circle.

Sitting in council with others activates a portal called forth by the conscious presence of each individual. With no hierarchy, each council member steps into the seat of teacher and guide. By sharing our
deepest truths lodged like seeds within the body, what we speak, move, sing, or dance grows like a tree at the center of each of us. Trees that bear fruit, and nourish the larger collective.

These truths arise from our deepest
longings, our heartbreak and loss, our grief and outrage, our love and hope, our dreams and imaginings, our poetic stirrings and musings, and our greatest wonderings about the mysterious presence of our distinctive life. To be in council with one another is to listen with the ears of the heart and see with eyes of our soul, as our individual stories are gathered together, and the truth within them is brought forward.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone can participate in council! With a diverse gathering of souls, a larger field is created. A field that, in and of itself, acts as medicine for our fragmented, ailing world.


Council Etiquette
When participating in council there are a few guidelines we ask that you honor: 

  • Listening with the ears of your heart

  • Speaking from your heart

  • Respect for each council member

  • Honoring your feelings and those of others

  • Welcoming in spontaneity and allowing the moment to move through you (spontaneity can help you access your own vulnerable and powerful truths - non-scripted)

  • Accepting others and their truths (as opposed to "fixing")

  • Witnessing and placing your internal responses on hold (there is no responding in council other than the occasional "way" or "aho")

  • Telling your personal story and sharing your personal truths (not that of others)

  • What is spoken in the circle stays in the circle

  • Council is not therapy - we ask that when you participate in council that you have the internal resources and psychospiritual strength to both witness and be witnessed in all your joys and sorrows

Upcoming Council and How to Sign Up
To learn more about upcoming Councils, please email Amanda at: