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Plant Medicine Journey

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All About Me

We lack the spaces (physical & temporal) to properly interact with each other around these expanded state/numinous experiences. - creating that space (power of witness and community). *All too many of us feel the absence of a community that is has an established ceremonial container capable of receiving us in our transformations, and celebrating us in the embodiment of them.

prep/journey/integration is a continuum of experience

prep/integration create opportunities for life-long learning


- self- tracking, psycho-spiritual resourcing & trauma-informed healing practices; connecting with inner wisdom

- building a relationship of trust with each other, oneself, one's guides/ancestors/allies

- cultivating/developing a window of tolerance/emotional fluency (ability to remain present with discomfort and uncertainty - to be willing to surrender yourself over to the unknown) **as mushrooms are agentic beings ; cultivating willingness, trust, and surrender

- connecting with your intention for this journey

- opening up to the mystery of saying yes to being re-shaped and transformed by the experience

- establishing a respectful and meaningful relationship with plant guides


- co-created and curated (so as to meet the needs of each person)

- set and setting (on the land with me)

- 3 day immersion

- weaving the container through ceremony, ritual, yoga/embodiment, guided meditations, personalized invitations, wanders, dream work etc.


- grounding our experiences in our lives - to bring it home to the body and our day to day, while also allowing ourselves to be shaped by the experience (this is a non-linear process); in-corporating

- honoring the messages, insights, revelations received

Prep & Integration sessions can be focused and/or emergent

What do know about your plant guides:

- non-addictive

- they amplify and bring our personal/ancestral/collective material to the forefront

- all bodies are different in their experience with mushrooms (some examples of what can happen)





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