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Dive Into the Dream Stream

Somatic & non-interpretive, this dreamwork course will support your ongoing relationship with the rich and mysterious territory of dreams, equipping you with practices learned through one-on-one facilitation, group work, and council.

- dreams are an ecology

- connect us to the greater mystery of existence

- letting the dream work you, not you working the dream

- portals of initiation, healing & transformation

- richer conversation with the world

"Metaphors act as guides. If you trust in your own dream process, you know the moment when you no longer have a model... no answers. You have nothing to help you but the images of your dreams. If you want to live your own life, your images and your body are your guides... The images we assimilate... are as important to our well-being as the food we eat." Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson





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