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"In these times of eco- and paradigmatic- collapse, our somatic intelligence is ancestrally equipped to channel a feral kind of consciousness. An awareness that we are so much more than what we’ve been coerced, forced, or seduced into believing."

- Tempist Jade


During this 6 week online course we will be courting the dreamtime, and surrendering ourselves to the transformational ecology of our dreams.

Somatic & non-interpretive, this dreamwork course will support your ongoing relationship with the rich and mysterious territory of dreams, equipping you with practices learned through one-on-one facilitation, group work, and council.


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Contemplations at the Crossroads

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Cinnabar Polypores: Mercurial Rites of Passage & the Womb of Death

Poetic Profundity: Spells of Wonder

Grief as an Ally of Transformation & Emergence


Confronting well-worn narratives stitched into the fabric of current cultural activisms, feral mysticism conspires with ancestral, ecological, and cosmic forces that render a person accessible to initiatory experiences. Experiences that support transformation through the altering of one's shape and nature. A hybridic nature capable of dancing with increasing complexity, and equipped with curiosity and unforeseen ways of understanding the world and these times we are living.


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"She is adept at the art of hearing and seeing to the essence of what her client is communicating both somatically & through dialogue & storytelling. She is uniquely skilled at synthesizing & mirroring the clients material in a way that is most delightful, evocative, & illuminating. A wisdom keeper far beyond her years..."


—  Priscilla Short


And out of such not-knowing comes an ask so stunning and wretched I'm left to quiver, as if I were a humming arrow waiting to be unleashed by Mystery's hand. An ask to surrender my plans while simultaneously dreaming with the world from unknown places within me. This ask plants me in the fecund humus of my life, and reminds me that my life belongs to the world.

Tempist Jade

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